Monday, July 16, 2012


Recently I have been so involved with my stitching projects I have had little time to create Zentangle tiles just for my own enjoyment.  My tiles are not as fancy as many beautiful ones I see, but I enjoy drawing them nonetheless.  Today's ( July 16, 2012) Zentangle blogpost from Rick and Maria  was certainly the boost that I needed.  See the link to the Blog Zentangle website under Zentangle Sites (at right below).
None of the tangles in the tiles below are too involved.  Several of them I had never drawn before (as is evident) but each finished tile is pleasing  to me.  I usually don't have a problem with deciding on tangle patterns to draw, but what type of string to use can cause me pause.  

The string on the top one uses the basic "Z" string, while the two above were drawn  entirely curved with lines.
This one is just 4 curved lines, approximately equidistant.....with no border.   This was something I don't do ........very often.  Maybe it is because I generally stitch on needlepoint canvas?......on a grid?  Probably.  Well, I think I just don't want to many defined areas to be created by the strings on my tiles, as I like to "see" the tangles, and not have them too tiny.  

Most of the tangles are original Zentangle Tangles.  A few were created by Suzanne McNeil and Sandy Steen Bartholmew via their wonderful books.

Just a reminder, if you are in the Santa Rosa, California area, my next Zentangle 101 workshop will be held on Saturday, July 28th from 10-12:30 pm.  PLEASE NOTE THE NEW DATE.

Enjoy your tangles,