Friday, September 24, 2010

Shaded and Watercolored Posey #1

Lots of needlework preparations going on around here for the last six weeks and next Thursday I leave for 10 days to teach Columbus, Ohio.  But upon my return I will be preparing for a Zentangle workshop....which also means more tangles to post! 
I realized I had not followed up with shading the Posey #1 I posted on August 9th so I have shaded and posted it here along with a watercolor version using Graphitint pencils.  I scanned the original and then placed four of the design on one page of a Word document and printed it out on matte (speckled) cardstock.....a good weight for using a little water. 

There will be a series of "Poseys" so look for a new one by the end of the year. 
There is also a new needlepoint design in the works and I am using several Zentangle patterns as the inspiration for various areas.  That is something I will be working on in October and November so I will post some photo updates.

Enjoy your tangles into next time!