Saturday, June 5, 2010

A Tangle day

My daughter, Ashley, and I had a fun day....I introduced her to Zentangle.   We watched the DVD and then listened to the Spirit Wind by Rick Roberts while we did tangles.  She got really into it and created five.  Now she has gone home with plans to introduce this creative and relaxing form of drawing to her friend.   

I had a chance to do a few myself while she was involved with hers and have posted my favorite.  The tangle on the far right (above) was created by my friend Barbara Allen while we were at the recent CZT training, but I am uncertain of the name she has chosen for it. 

I am leaving Wednesday on a needlework teaching trip and plan to take my Zentangle travel kit along.  It is much easier to work on a tangle than take the 16" X 18" current needlework project along!  So, I hope to have something to share when I return in a week.

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